The Nogales choral program needs members

The Nogales choral program needs members

Camille de Guzman, Senior

The Nogales Choral Program has three classes in which anyone is welcome to join in: Nogales Singers, Treble Singers, and Chamber Singers and the program has a fall concert, Christmas concert, a spring concert and the Annual Lu’au. 

Chamber and Treble singers also go to festivals to sing with other high schools and sometimes sing for other events. 

Though Nogales Singers is just a learning class, they also participate in concerts and everyone there can learn and be able to transfer to any of the other classes.

No matter what class people participate in choir, everyone learns together, no matter what the title is.

There is so much more to choir than singing. “Every moment counts because it’s very therapeutic and choir does not only focus on singing,  it focuses on the skill of how you use your voice,” Says Asia Pacaoan, who is a 2nd year student in Chambers.

Though some of the classes don’t have a large amount of students, everyone there is family and every moment is a fun and learning experience for everyone.

 “Choir is a fun and safe environment for everyone to join.” says Mr. Rodriguez, who has been teaching choir for 25 years.

Matthew Melgar, student director and one of Rodriguez’s students for 4 years now, states “Choir is not just to learn how to sing, it helps you learn how to grow, learn discipline and overall be a better person,”


Choir always has an open space for anyone who wants new opportunities; everyone is welcome.