Upcoming events – save the date!

Upcoming events - save the date!

Giselle Arcos, Freshmen

October seems to be a very exciting and busy month for Nogales students, as multiple events are  taking place throughout the month.

The National Honor Society is having their first meeting on Monday, October 7th at 3P.M in the MPR.

On October 4th, Orchestra Octoberfest is happening as they perform in 7:00p.m in the MPR.

 The Homecoming fashion show is coming your way, come see as couples and friends show off their stunning outfits on October 11th on the MPR steps at lunch.     

The girls’ varsity tennis team will be playing multiple games throughout the month at 3:15p.m, as they compete against a variety of schools, including Duarte  (10th), Azusa (17th), and Gladstone High School (22th).

Girls’ varsity volleyball will play as well, at 4:30p.m they will compete against numerous schools in the Nogales gym. [1st, 8th and 10th of October] These schools include Duarte High School (1st), Azusa High School (8th), and Gladstone High School (10th). 

This month the boys’ Water Polo will also be going up against several schools, at 3:15 on the following dates at the Nogales pool: Sierra Vista (1st), La Puente (22th), Edgewood (24th), and Workman High School (29th). 

Remember to come support at the varsity football team 7pm on the 11th these dates against Sierra Vista (11th) and Gladstone High School (25th1) The 25th is our homecoming game so come and show off your Noble pride! 

 Homecoming is just around the corner, celebrate the night with friends on Saturday October 26th, at 7 p.m in the gym. Tickets will be starting at $20.