88Rising: Head in the clouds


Richa Ramos, Junior

Last month, a music festival celebrates asian culture came to town. 88rising’s Head in the Clouds festival returned to the Los Angeles State Historic Park on Saturday on August 17 for a full day of celebrating Asian pop culture. 

88Rising is, it is a company which is well known for having Asian artists who tour and perform. This year, they traveled around the world presenting hip-hop artists.

This year 88Rising was amazing surpassing the last festival.  This year’s line up : Joji, Famous Dex, Vory, 03 Greedo, Blocboy JB, Rich Brian, and others.

 Some of the popular songs that were featured were: “Beam”, by “La Cienega”, from “Let it Go”, by “Peach Jam”, Midsummer Madness and etc.

Indonesian Independence, Niki (Nicole Zefanya) opened her set with a row of children dressed in white and red holding the country’s flag while she sang the national anthem and the Proclamation of Independence played in the background.

  After a well done opening performance of “Rapapapa,” Rich Brian told the crowd that he hadn’t performed in nine months and that he “missed the stage so much.”  Rich Brian also performed songs from his new album, The Sailor, which received many positive reviews. 

The festival’s closing act was a joined performance from the 88rising artists. Niki, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers, August 08, and more who joined Joji for a few encore performances, including the song that later named the festival, “Head in the Clouds”.