Orchestra Night Ends in Forte

Orchestra Night Ends in Forte

Kristin Drenning, Junior

Nogales and Rowland strings ensemble amazed the audience late last month with a stunning performance. 

On the evening of August 27th, Rowland and Nogales’ combined orchestras executed an amazing display of talent, while also giving details on future plans for the music group at the Nogales High School gym.

The night began with Mr. Chen, the school’s orchestra director, introducing his program to the audience, which mainly consisted of parents and high school students. 

The director then explained how the event was planned, with the intention to teach the crowd about the instruments played, hoping to spark some interest. Jaylin Juarez, a junior, revealed her thoughts about this special event: “We decided to have Orchestra Night to get more people like teens and their parents into music, especially orchestra. It’s like being a part of a family when you join this class.”

In order to shine a light on each instrument, Mr. Chen decided to have each section perform a segment from a song. The audience was able to hear the raw sound of the instrument, without the intrusion of another. After the renditions, the combined orchestra performed “The Curse of the Rosin Eating Zombies from Outer Space” by Richard Meyer, an entertaining twist on music involving screams and high-pitched notes, which left the crowd wanting more. 

Following the performance, Mr. Chen began to promote the orchestra program by presenting videos and explaining the amazing benefits that come along with joining the class. He then expressed his reason for planning the occasion: “I planned our Orchestra Night because I wanted to rekindle the relationship between our district and our local music stores. I also wanted to create an opportunity for our younger string students to see where their music journey could take them, if they decide to continue through high school.”