Area 51 Raid


Tiffany Snachez, Freshman

During the summer, a new year wave of interest flooded the internet regarding Area 51. After recent commotion in July, Matty Roberts spurred some controversy, creating an event on the internet inviting people raid the military base in Area 51 in hopes of finding extraterrestrial life.

 Roberts started this as a joke. The 20 year old had no intention of the whole thing going viral. Now, almost 2 million people have signed up for the raid in advance, via Facebook.

Memes blew up on, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, intriguing many as they follow the story titled: “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us All”.

Sophomore Joaquin says, “I mean, it was funny at first because we were just messing around…but yeah some people will take it seriously even though it was just for quick laughs”. 

Some people are not taking the situation to heart and see the whole circumstance as a joke.

The FBI however, is worried. They’ll be using any tactic necessary against whoever storms the property. This poses an imminent threat for those curious and serious about visiting the military base.

Area 51 is classified by the United States Air Force, located about 120 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. As strange as the placement is, it was chosen by the Air Force in the 1950s, which was suitable for testing certain air crafts. Conspiracies of flying objects, most likely plane tests, have been thought of as UFOs.

Karina Rebollar, another sophomore also comment on the event, “I honestly love the memes about the raiding but I don’t think people are actually going to do it.”  

Whether the event actually happens or not, this is history in the making.