Call of Duty: The Game That Will Leave A Scar

Byron Rios, Junior

The annual Call of Duty franchise has finally gained a reboot stage. This year’s entry, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, reimagines the classic 15-year-old franchise, according to developer Infinity Ward.

 After developing the triaged Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and realising the under-appreciated Infinite Warfare (a futuristic take on war), Infinity Ward says it wants to make a Modern Warfare that is relevant and current.

The first gameplay from Modern Warfare shows the conflict from the perspective of the British SAS. In London, outside Piccadilly Square, a car bomb explodes in a busy city street. The military tracks a suspect to a nearby location, and they stealthily approach an apartment building via a back alley approach. 

To make the conflict feel realistic, Infinity Ward is updating its technology to make Modern Warfare look and sound like its real-world influences. The studio invested in photogrammetry technology, scanning in physical objects (humans, cars, a Russian T-72 tank) to make the game look more realistic than ever before. Modern Warfare will employ a “new purpose-built engine” that includes features like ray-traced shadows, reflections, and audio; spectral rendering for night vision and thermal goggles; dynamic global illumination and reflections; and volumetric lighting.

Shown on a PlayStation 4 (Pro) at Infinity Ward’s in-house theater, it’s easily the most visually impressive Call of Duty game to date. This can mean there will be problems for the original Ps4, due to it not having the same scaling power as the Xbox one s/X and the Ps4 Slim/Pro.

The pursuit of realism extends to the game’s arsenal, the primary means of interaction in Call of Duty games. Motion blur effects on guns and muzzle flare, reloading while aiming down sights, and all-new audio tech will make you feel the capability of these weapons or rather to “illustrate how powerful these weapons feel,” according to animation director Mark Grigsby.

“This is a military sim,” Infinity Ward studio co-head David Stohl said. His team is going for “authentic and gritty, not superhero caricature” for the new Modern Warfare. And while modern military shooters are inherently extremely violent, Infinity Ward is aiming for “intense and mature over gratuitous body count and gore.” “This is the most authentic and realistic game we have ever made,” Minkoff said. “All we want to do as storytellers is make players feel something.”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which is coming to PlayStation 4, Windows PC via, and Xbox One with cross platform play, will be released on Oct. 25, 2019.