New Admin on Campus


Jessica Saralegui, Freshman

This school year, Nogales High School had an addition to the administration and joining the staff for 2019-2020 school year are Dr. Brumbaugh and Dr. Braswell, who are the new Principal and Assistant Principal. Two new counselors, Ms. Marissa Martinez and Ms. Yvette Martinez, have also joined the noble staff.

The new counselor, Ms. Yvette Martinez, has three years of experience as a school counselor. Prior to working at Nogales, she was the school counselor at Ybarra Academy. 

Ms. Martinez is delighted to be part of the noble family. “What I’m most excited about being at Nogales is building strong relationships, giving hope when students feel hopeless and inspiring them to be all that they’re capable of being.”

The Principal, Dr. Brumbaugh graduated from Loyola Marymount University with her Bachelors, she obtained her Teaching Credential at Cal State Dominguez Hills, Masters at Cal State Fullerton and her Doctorate at UC Irvine. 

Dr. Brumbaugh expresses that she is most eager to meet the people: “I am very excited to get to know the students and staff at Nogales.” 

Dr. Braswell, the new assistant principal earned her Associates Degree at Mt. Sac, went to Cal State Fullerton for her Bachelors, attended Cal State LA for her Masters Degree, received her Doctorate degree from Cal Poly Pomona. She is a Rowland High School alumni and later became the Assistant Principal there before transferring to Nogales.

“I am excited to get to know the Nogales Teachers, and to work with my new administrative team, and my new counseling team.” asserted Assistant Principal Dr. Braswell when asked about her feelings regarding this school year.

The new admin on campus are very excited for what Nogales has to offer. Welcome Dr. Brumbaugh, Dr. Braswell, Ms. Yvette Martinez and Ms. Marissa Martinez to Nogales High School.