Nogales Volleyball V.S Southlands Christian High

Nogales Volleyball V.S Southlands Christian High

Jasmin Perez, Freshman

Last month on August 29, 2019 Nogales varsity volleyball team played their fourth played against Southlands Christian High school. 

South Christian varsity was able to win three sets of the game. Nogales played with heart; however they struggled to keep up with the playing patterns of the opposing team, leading to a major loss.

Vanessa Cao believes that having a good mindset will help in future games. “It’s always about having a good attitude on the court. Never giving up and learning from mistakes is how we grow.”

Even though Nogales Varsity didn’t win they were able to demonstrate their strength and independence as a team. They will not give up and show off their work on the court for the rest of their games.