It: Chapter Two Review

It: Chapter Two Review

Giselle Arcos, Freshman

The sequel to the 2017 IT horror film once again shows the Losers’ Club, who are now adults, fighting against Stephen King’s terrifying Pennywise. 

IT: Chapter Two opens up with the horrific awakening of Pennywise, 27 years later to once again feast on the citizens of the dreary town of Darry. 

Mike Hanlon (Isaiah Mustafa), the only member of the group to stay in their hometown,  reunites the losers club and reminds them of the promises they made in their childhood, to stop Pennywise, if  he were ever to return. Most of the Losers Club have forgotten their encounters with Pennywise, but after their return to Darry the past comes rushing back. 

Just like any horror movie, IT:Chapter Two delivers some horrifying sights, but the movie didn’t really live up to expectations of  those bone-chilling scares that were anticipated by many viewers. Yes, there are some great moments, but none worthy enough to make you want to close your eyes in anticipation of jumpscares that may lie ahead. Freshman, Leslie Melendes agrees, “ The second film was just too predictable and didn’t really feel original.”

Even though many didn’t find it spine-chilling, the movie still succeeded with it’s wonderful cast. Fans loved actor Bill Hades with his humorous comments and found him a perfect fit to play the role of Richie Tozier. 

The cast lived up to expectations of what the Losers Club would be like 27 years later. Christy Lemire, writer for the Rogerebert website comments, “ But its casting is so spot-on and its actors have such great chemistry...” 

The film has incredible moments, but most don’t end up anywhere or help the story develop at all. With the length of the movie it would be expected to have a lot of character development throughout the film, but sadly it never really happened. 

The scenes add nothing to the overall plot of the story and would have been just fine without it. The scenes ate valuable time that could have been used to carry the story along furhter.

Even though I thought it was disappointing, it was not bad second film. Apparently there has even been talking about IT becoming a trilogy. 

Although none of this is written in Stephen King’s novel, the movie could be new and add more lore to the world of IT.