CIEE, Excites Summer Program

CIEE, Excites Summer Program

Richialaiza Ramos, Junior

When it comes to the idea of trying new experiences, it can be either exciting or really daunting. Studying abroad with The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) is an adventurous prospect. 

CIEE is known for its astonishing summer seminar which offers high school students a range of subjects that educate in language and culture, service and leadership and global discovery. There are various locations around the world and they offer over 30 destinations within CIEE. 

CIEE is easy to join and is accessible to all high school students. They offer scholarships which is a big part of CIEE and makes it possible to study abroad. CIEE grants can cover 10-100% of the program tuition, airfare not included. 

Ms. Hill has been working with CIEE for a while now and she assists those who have various questions about CIEE and helps with the application process. She also does school presentations and speaks to parents who have questions about the program. Hill explains, “CIEE is the leader in international education and is the oldest and largest non profit organization dedicated to student exchange program in the USA”. 

This program gives students access to the world. They can discover a new culture, new skills, gain a new perspective and meet new people. Doris Fong, a junior who has done CIEE, states “CIEE was a good experience. Belgium was a beautiful country and the program made me want to do it again.” 

Bryanna Castillo, a senior who has also done CIEE, expressed “Studying in another country made me realize how vast, yet tiny the world is and that there is hope for changing the future.” 

Studying abroad with CIEE is an amazing experience to explore the world. For more information and its content visit: