Melanie Martinez has released a new album and a film both called “K-12”

Tiffany Sanchez, Freshman

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Melanie began writing the script for the movie in the summer of 2015, and finished in early 2017. However filming didn’t occur until later that year, taking place in Europe. 

Martinez’s K-12 movie introduces a dark-pop world with vivid imagery in every twist and turn. The full length film includes the tale of a haunting school environment with a controlling school administration. The new album serves as the soundtrack to the film.

Every song in her album has a hidden meaning. Some of these include eating disorders and the realistic display of friendships, which can be applied to society today.

On one song,“Strawberry Shortcake”, discusses the topic of the phrase, on about how women’s objectification and how blame is often placed on the victim. Many love the duo film and music. Freshman Johnny Melendez also states, “It was pure art.”

In “High-School Sweethearts”, Melanie talks about relationships that don’t have any meaning at all. Freshman Emily Hernandez says, “I thought it hit realistic topics with an interesting storyline. Overall everything about it was perfect.”

In an interview by KTLA news, Melanie stated some pieces of the film were from experiences from her personal life, including bullying and “finding yourself in an environment that makes you feel uncomfortable.”

Melanie has also announced that there will be a sequel to the film with a chance of new songs as well.