Teens creating peace club exploring self improvement

Teens creating peace club exploring self improvement

Camille de Guzman, Senior

The Teens Creating Peace Club was initially created in 2016 by Mr. Rodriguez, who was inspired by a former student who enjoyed learning the principles of Kabbalah. Students who have joined this club also learned about the 72 Names of God, their astrology and bringing peace within themselves among others.

Princess Garcia, the President of Teens Creating Peace, stated,”This club has helped me immensly  in my personal life, and has overall helped me bear away the negativity”

In this club, religion is no obstacle nor a barrier. All that matters is that you want to improve yourself in order to gradually change the world.

It is a safe place for members to be able to share stories about their past experiences and it helps others learn from different perspectives. The positive energy enables people to grow from others’ lesson because they also learn empathy.

Alyssa Gonzalez, a junior who has been in the club since her freshman year says, “It has helped me feel more in tune with my spiritual side and feel more comfortable sharing with others. I now feel more comfortable with myself and help myself get through hard times.”

Every club meeting is a time for growth and for everyone to learn how to create a more positive environment for each other. It is for anyone who is willing to listen to others and for those who seek to make a positive environment.

The club’s next upcoming event will be on October 29th, where members of the club will be taking a visit to the Kabbalah Center in Beverly Hills.

Club meetings take place during lunch every Monday in H-2.