Club Fair: Encouraging Students’ Involvement


Stephanie Orellana, Freshman

On September 26 and 27 of 2019, Nogales High School held a club fair in the Multi- Purpose Room (MPR) during lunch.

 The club fair was an event to encourage students to get involved in clubs they’re interested in so that it could broaden their minds to different career paths.

Clubs like Pennies for Paws, Environmental Club, Drama Club, Key Club, Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica, Astronomy Club, Hip Hop Club (TNDC) and Photo Club were being represented. There were also programs like AP and IB that students are encouraged to join. 

Freshman Vanessa Rubio  loved the new opportunities the event offered her: “I thought it was really fun. You get to see the different clubs in the school and you can sign up for the ones you want. I thought it was a great idea. I signed up for Pennies for  Paws and the Environmental Club.”

Pennies for Paws is a club where you volunteer at animal shelters and even make toys for the animals like dogs, cats, horses, chickens, etc. Environmental club is in charge of maintaining the school garden. The admission fee to join the Environment club 3 dollars.  

The majority of the club meetings are held at lunch or after school and activities can even be counted towards CAR hours which are required  to graduate. You only need 60 hours which can easily be completed in one year with all the clubs that offer after school opportunities. 

A member for SHH (Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica) at the fair, Senior, Dulce Grande said, “It actually felt great to be the representative for Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica. I felt important because on graduation I get to wear my SHH cord.” 

The event brought large crowds. Students were given a paper with boxes and could get stamps from every club station they offered for asking questions about the club. These papers were then put in a raffle. The prize was a basket filled with snacks, goodies, and Halloween movies.

Nobles had a wonderful time learning about the various clubs and ways to get involved.