iPhone 11 – new camera, longer battery, more features

iPhone 11 - new camera, longer battery, more features

Cynthia Alvarado, Freshman

On September 20, 2019, Apple released their latest phone model, the iPhone 11. Along with the iPhone 11, Apple released the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. 

The iPhone 11 is starting at $699 with 64 GB, $749 with 128 GB and $849 with 256 GB. The phone is cheaper than the iPhone XR, although it is newer. It comes in several colors including red, black, white, yellow, green and purple, along with protective glass in the front and back for durability. 

The iPhone 11 has 2 cameras, while the Pro and Pro Max has 3 cameras. They have a wide and ultra-wide lenses. The camera feature allows the user to crop and zoom the picture after the picture has been taken. There is also a new video feature, which is “QuickTake”,  making it easier to take videos. The iPhone 11 also allows you to take low light pictures with a new feature called “Night Mode.”

An improvement from the XR to the 11 is that you can take pictures of your pets with portrait mode compared to before only being able to use portrait mode on people. 

Christopher Lazaro, a freshman, expresses his thoughts on the new camera, “The phone is really good, I like the camera and it has a lot of storage so you can take a lot of amazing pictures.” 

The front camera got updated to 12 MP, with wide-angle selfie support. The iPhone 11’s battery life lasts up to 11 hours and 16 minutes. It lasts one hour more than the iPhone XS. Madison Cabrera a senior, explains, “I think that it’s very similar to the iPhone 10, but there are some noticeable differences. The camera quality has enhanced with the wider lense and 2 cameras. There is also better sound quality and a longer battery life.” 

Overall, the updated camera features and a longer battery life make the iphone 11 a solid investment.