Teaching high schoolers to be responsible citizens with voter awareness

Teaching high schoolers to be responsible citizens with voter awareness

Richialaiza Ramos, Junior

The voter pre-registration drive allows eligible Californians, aged 16 and over, to complete an online form in order to register to become an active voter in the future. Students must be a U.S. citizen and be a resident of California. In addition, they need their Social Security Number or California ID to complete the process. 

This is the very first time Nogales hosted a voter pre-registration drive event on campus. This occurrence was tremendously exciting for the school and the students as a whole, which was hosted by the IB seniors.

Some adults might think permitting naive kids to converse with an adult about political matters is an absurd thought. However, teenagers should be involved in these matters. Young people want their voices to be heard and by participating in this event, they are given an opportunity to experience the political process. In addition, it will help prepare them for the real world and get them ready to vote. 

Voting is a given right and a responsibility, so as young adults, they are setting an example and vision for the future. Fortunately there were many students who participated in the event. Yohana Lopez, a junior, expressed how “It was a great experience and it was good to know that I will be able to vote once I turn 18.”

Another, student Isiah Kim, junior, shared that “the voter registration made me realize how close I am to 18 and it was really cool to experience this process.”  

Although this occurrence only happened once, hopefully Nogales students who were not able to participate or those who would want to take part again will have another chance at the next voter pre-registration that the IB students will organize next October.