Anti- Abortion Acts in the U.S. and around the world

Anti- Abortion Acts in the U.S. and around the world

Stephanie Orellana, Freshman

In 2019 throughout the past couple of months, congress has been passing laws to completely get rid of the voice for women to get an abortion. As expected, many women are furious about their options being taken away.

As of May 2019, many states have already taken action into passing abortion laws, including Ohio, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky and, Louisiana. Alabama, however has completely banned abortion even in situations of rape and incest, which is a problem all around the world. Some states have even criminalized doctors who perform the procedure. 

Not all states will be heavily enforcing these new laws, but some states will not perform an abortion once they have detected a heart beat, which is around 8 weeks.

States such as Massachussets, Illinois, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Maine, Nevada, and Hawaii are all working against the Anti- Abortion Act and are trying to protect abortion rights. 

As of October 22, 2019, Northern Ireland decriminalized, and has now made  abortion along with same sex marriage legal. Rory Carrols’ article from The Guardian, explains, “The law also obliges the UK to ensure regulations that free, legal and local abortion services are in place by 31 March 2020.” With this new law coming in place in the UK, it will make abortion not only legal, but free as well. 

According to Kate Smith for CBS News, Louisiana will be the first state to completely abolish the law of getting an abortion as of next year, 2020, where women won’t have any access to the procedure. 

“Earlier this month when the Supreme Court announced it would take up the case, it was believed that the two doctors would become the states only legal providers and Louisiana would be down to one clinic”, Smith mentioned in her article. “Louisiana could be the first state without abortion access as soon as next year.”

Whether you support abortion or not, women should be able to make decisions for themselves as opposed to others making decisions for them.