Convicted Pedophile Presents Controversial Backlash for the Joker


Byron Rios, Junior

The convicted sex offender, Garry Glitter, will not recieve royalties in the use of one of his songs from the Joker film. The recently praised, highly anticipated, Todd Philips movie has plenty of exceptional reviews, but controversy has also been a big part of the film, specifically because of the use of a song, written by the convicted sex offender.

The origin of the controversy surrounding the movie, takes place in a scene in which “Rock N’ Roll Part 2” is being played while Joaquin Phoenix (Arthur Flek/Joker) dances down a staircase in Gotham city. 

The song seems to have had a history in being implemented into popular shows and movies such as Meet the Fockers, Boyhood, Kingpin, South Park, The Office and Sex and the City. Many times the song “Rock N’ Roll part 2” has been used to describe a consequential event, which causes the mood and theme to settle in with the viewers. 

Recently, many fans of the singer have argued stating that although he has committed a socially disturbing crime, he should not be deprived of royalties which credits his contribution to an important role in the film’s plot. 

However, shortly after, The Universal Music Publishing Group stated: “Gary Glitter’s publishing interest in the copyright of his songs is owned by U.M.P.G. and other parties, therefore U.M.P.G. does not pay him any royalties or other considerations.”

A representative of Snapper Music, which also owns many of Glitters labels stated: “Gary Glitter is not entitled to, nor have we paid, any royalties or share of synch fees or other monies from the catalogue.”

Even though the film has experienced some serious controversy, it does not faze the praise and money that fans of the movie will give. The film has earned approximately $550 million worldwide in October. Joker is one of the best DC films ever, even surpassing The Dark Knight.

Even though many believe that Gary Glitter deserves his punishment, some also think that the song fits the mood of the scene perfectly, adding to the pure genius and artistic feel of the scene and film.