ASB’s Exciting Plans for this School Year


Camille de Guzman, Senior

Nogales’ student body has many events prepared for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Ms. Placencia, the director of ASB, wants the future activities to be unforgettable: “We are thinking outside of the box to see how we can surprise our student body and create fun memories for all.”

ASB has already finished the senior wall, a scene right out of the movie Back to the Future, which looks amazing, thanks to their hardworking students.

The new Friday videos are fun but a lot of work. Senior, Keisha Naron, explains, “We’re keeping track of students’ and teachers’ achievements through our weekly video announcement, so that they are recognized and will eventually be awarded at the rally.”

These videos inform everyone about upcoming events, which is very convenient for those who don’t have social media.

Overall, our student body is full of many devoted students who want everyone to enjoy their time and be involved with school events that make their high school years unforgettable.