47th Annual Buckboard Days Parade

47th Annual Buckboard Days Parade

Kristin Drenning, Junior

On the nineteenth of October, the Rowland Heights community congregated to commemorate the 47th annual Buckboard Days Parade.

The parade began at 9 A.M. with a small motorcycle show performed by the local police. The show also featured local firemen and politicians, including U.S. Representative Gil Cisneros and Senator Ling Ling Chang.

The parade presented a variety of clubs and programs who proudly represented their purpose. These clubs and programs included: Best Buddies, Rowland Heights Tai Chi Exercise Club, Korean Performing Arts, and Nogales National Honor Society.

The audience was greatly entertained and astonished by the amazing performances executed by each group. One memorable performance that the crowd went crazy for was the Advanced Martial Arts sword show.

Members of the audience believed that the parade helped to introduce and praise the various cultures present in their community. “It was very beautiful; there was a lot of culture. I saw cultural aspects of different ethnicities, including Chinese and Mexican,” stated Jessica Luera, a Rowland Heights resident.

Schools in the district were also represented in the parade. From Rorimer Elementary to Nogales High School, the parade audience was amazed by the schools’ prideful spirit. The audience cheered for the incredible Nogales High School band performance of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver.

The Buckboard Days Parades began as festivals in the 1970’s, and was created to fundraise money for various community clubs, such as the Rowland Heights Junior Women’s Club. During that time, however, the community lacked unity. Buckboard Days then added a parade in hopes of bringing the locals together and unifying the neighborhood.

Helen Arismendi, former Rowland district educator, revealed her thoughts on the event: “It was a good show of community. There were schools, community leaders, adults, and children, so I think it’s good and that we should keep doing it.” 

It is evident from the 47th annual Buckboard Days Parade that the community is accomplishing its goal and is gaining a sense of unity by pridefully revealing their cultures, in hopes of informing others and gaining recognition.