Op Ed: Bieber ties knot with the wrong person


Bianca Morgan , Freshman

In November of 2018, my heart, along with millions of others, was shattered when Justin Bieber confirmed that Hailey Baldwin was indeed his wife. The young couple got married at the New York Courthouse on September 13, two months prior to his confirmation. 

It is no surprise that he tried to hide it from the press, considering that Hailey received hate when they were dating years prior to their marriage. Bieber’s supporters were calling her a “hoe”,  “pathetic”, and “sad.” There are many comments of people complaining about Bieber marrying Hailey, me included. 

Bieber does not usually respond to any comments that are made on his Instagram posts of Hailey, recently being an acception. Fans were bombarding him with comments such as, “You’re not in love with Hailey”, to which he responded with, “ Hailey is my bride period and if you don’t like that or support that, that means you don’t support me and if you don’t support me your [sic] not a fan nor a good person.” After I read that comment, I came to the conclusion that I might not be a good person either.

His supporters also commented on how they noticed he was “happier” when he was dating Selena. While dating Selena, Bieber was glowing and was all around handsome. Now though, he seems to display a lack of grooming. His social media displays photos of him with messy hair and an ungroomed beard. 

His career seems to be on pause. He has not released a new album since “Purpose” in 2015, except for singles with other artists. The singles are boring and have nothing exciting about them. They sound the same and cannot compete with the sensational music he has created in the past such as “I Don’t Care” and “10,000 Hours”.

Although he has sealed his happiness, I cannot help but think that it should be me