December is a busy month for Nogales students

Giselle Arcos, Freshman

Girls’ Varsity Soccer have two expected home games throughout the month, in which they will go against El Monte (December 6th) and Brea Olinda High School (December 10th) at 5:00pm. 

Girls’ Junior Varsity Soccer will be playing against West Covina High School at home at home on December 3rd at 3:15pm.

Girls’ Varsity Water Polo has two games throughout the month, playing against Rowland (December 4th) and Ontario High School (December 6th) at 3:15pm at home

Girls’ Junior Varsity Water Polo will be playing our rivals Rowland High School on December 4th at 4:15pm here at Nogales

Boys’ Varsity Soccer has two games throughout the month. The team will be competing at home against Santa Fe (December 12th) and Don Lugo High School (December 18th) at 5:00p.m. 

Boys’ Junior Varsity Soccer will play two home games , against our rivals Rowland (December 4th) and Don Lugo High School (December 18th) at 3:15pm. 

Girls’ Varsity Basketball has home games against Wilson Glen (December 17th) and Charter Oak High School (December 18th) at 4:45pm. 

Girls’ Junior Varsity Basketball will be playing two schools at home, competing against Wilson Glen (December 17th) and Charter Oak High School ( December 18th) at 3:15pm.

Finals will take place on Wednesday, December 18 for periods 0,1,3,5 and Thursday, December 19 for periods 0,2,4,6. Please note that class times will change for periods.

 Pupil Free Day will be on Friday December 20th, making it a 3 day weekend for all students. 

Winter Break will begin December 23rd through January 10th for the holidays, student return on Monday January 13th .