Nogales Varsity Homecoming Game

Nogales Varsity Homecoming Game

Saylene Montion , Freshman

On October 25, 2019, the Nogales Varsity Football Team played against the Gladstone Gladiators for their anticipated homecoming game.

Although this game was very intense, the Nobles won with a score of 32-22. 

By the first quarter the Nobles scored 2 touchdowns, which raised their score to 12 points even missing their field goals. Then the Gladiators scored 1 touchdown, which raised their score to 7. 

By the second quarter, the Nobles remained with a score of 12 points. On the other hand the Gladiators scored one more touchdown and the score then became 12-14 in favor of Gladstone. 

During halftime, there was a great Grease performance that the crowd loved. The crowd was amazed at the effort each one of the students that participated. 

After halftime, the third quarter began, and the Nobles had a great comeback. They scored 1 more touchdown. Their score then became 18 to 12. Malon McDaniel (Junior) said, “The coach gave us a good talk during halftime and that encouraged us to step up our game, if we wanted to win then we needed to put our head in the game.”

The Gladiators did not score any more points in the third quarter but in the fourth quarter they managed to score another touchdown leaving the game at 22 to 18 for Gladstone. 

The Nobles later scored 2 more touchdowns in the fourth quarter. The crowd was going wild as the Nobles took the win with the final score being 32-22. Zeriah Chairez, an audience member stated that “The fourth quarter was very intense and everyone thought that it would be hard for the Nobles to catch up, but they always make a comeback.” 

The crowd enjoyed the game and they could not wait to see the Nobles play again. Homecoming was the next evening where the king, Kevin Gonzalez, would be crowned along with the queen, Keisha Naron, who was announced at halftime.