National Honors Society Inauguration lighting the way to the future

National Honors Society Inauguration lighting the way to the future

Keith Stahl, Senior

On November 15th, the National Honors Society held its inauguration for the newest members of their society. 

Many sophomores, juniors, and seniors are part of the society, which requires students to have at least a 3.0 GPA, teacher recommendations regarding character and leadership attributes, and no disciplinary records. However, to become a member, students must participate in a ceremony, which is held every year for the new members.

The ceremony started off with a few words from principal, Dr. Brumbaugh who spoke about the commitment these students are making. 

Then, the ceremony had a musical interlude which was performed by Julianna Albert and Keisha Norton. 

The members were then called up and given a candle before stating the pledge that all members must uphold. The candles symbolize the light that paves the way to their bright future. 

Many students attend with friends and family to share the special moment. Daniel Vicenteno said that he was “Happy getting inaugurated with my friends, I liked lighting each others ́ candles and stating the pledge as well”. 

During the inauguration ceremony, the cabinet members light four candles symbolizing character, leadership, scholarship, and service. Each student lights their own candle which represents the integrity the members are supposed to uphold, Audrey Marcilla said,  ̈The candles were my favorite part, being around friends and family made the experience even more memorable, I felt special during that time.”

In essence, Nogales High School held a successful and smooth inauguration. 

The four pillars of the National Honors Society are Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character, similar to Nogales’s own “pride” motto which makes the members to not only feel special but welcomed into a new family of scholars and leaders