School Shooting in Santa Clarita

School Shooting in Santa Clarita

Bianca Morgan, Senior

Just when we thought school shootings had decreased, another one occurred on November 14 at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California. Sixteen year old student, Nathaniel Tennosuke Berhow pulled out a .14-Caliber handgun from his backpack and opened fire on classmates in the quad. 

Two students were killed at the scene, fifteen-year old Gracie Muehlberger and fourteen-year old Dominic Blackwell. Berhow passed away the very next day due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. Three other students were also wounded, but were fortunately able to survive. 

There was a school shooting drill for the students only two weeks prior to this tragedy. 

When returning four days later to retrieve their belongings, the students were interviewed about the tragic incident. A girl named Maddie said, “I honestly was never in shock. I was just crying with my sister, hoping that we would be safe. But I wasn’t surprised that it happened.”

It is devastating to think about how the students are not shocked by something so terrifying. School shootings are an epidemic that has become so common that they do not faze people when they see it on the news anymore. 

When an attack like this happens, the suspect was either bullied or something traumatizing happened that led them to shoot the school. Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said: “There’s nothing really that stands out. He wasn’t a loner. Wasn’t socially awkward. Was involved in student activities, student athlete.” This incident is another example of why this can happen to any school and it is important to be prepared. 

On the Sunday after the shooting, thousands of individuals gathered to mourn the lives of the teens who were killed. Loved ones shared speeches and released many emotions. To help with the trauma that Berhow caused, the district is providing counseling and emotional support.