YBN Cordae turns heads with his debut album, The Lost Boy

YBN Cordae turns heads with his debut album, The Lost Boy

Fernando Rax, Super Senior

YBN Cordae has released his debut studio album The Lost Boy which received many positive reviews on July 26, 2019. The 22 year old rapper’s album has long been awaited by fans after projects such as YBN: The Mixtape, a collaborative project between YBN Cordae, YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay. 

Cordae delivers a record describing his rough childhood and his journey to become a successful rapper. He lyrically explains how he becomes lost as he tries to find his purpose in his career and personal life. 

On songs such as “Wintertime” and “Broke as F**k,” Cordae discusses his rough upbringing. Rapping about various struggles such as his past Xanax addiction, living in poverty and family conflicts, Cordae displays his vulnerable side. 

Using smooth flows, melodic hooks and hard-hitting beats, YBN Cordae displays a variety of moods in the album. Artists, such as Chance the Rapper, Anderson .Paak and Meek Mill are featured on the album, making it very dynamic.

In an interview with highsnobiety.com, Cordae explains what his album means to him: “I represent what a lost boy is and the idea of finding your path. I like the idea that a rose can grow from concrete and that’s what I want this music to embody.” 

On certain songs such as “RNP” and “We Gon Make It,” Cordae also displays his success to his audiences. He confidently raps about how he achieves his dreams while motivating his listeners to follow their own dreams. 

On the closing track “Lost and Found,” YBN Cordae triumphantly raps, “Yeah I was a lost boy, now I’m found.” The track is undoubtedly a victory lap as Cordae has overcome many of his obstacles in life. This closing track ends the album on a high note. 

YBN Cordae has had a successful year, as seen by the successes of The Lost Boy and “The Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” tour with Logic and JID

2020 is already looking promising for the young rapper; he will begin to headline his “The Lost Boy in America Tour” on January 16th. YBN Cordae has also been nominated for two Grammys: Best Rap Album (The Lost Boy) and Best Rap Song (“Bad Idea” featuring Chance the Rapper). 

As many critics have noted, he may be the bridge between the two generations of rap music: the “old school” and the “new school.” YBN Cordae is a promising and eager artist with music that continues to inspire a growing base of followers.