RUSD’s Got Talent

RUSD’s Got Talent

Camille De Guzman, Senior

The talent show will take place next semester on March 20th and will be an exhilarating experience for many. Hopefully there will be a greater variety of talents that are showcased, since last year the majority were singers.

Auditions dates take place sometime in January at Nogales and it usually lasts about a week in order to get everyone evaluated.

RUSD’s Got Talent is an event run by the Nogales Choral Program’s student presidents and its board members. 

It is an event in which students from K-12 can audition for and show their talents. After auditions, the student presidents chose nine finalists that will perform in front of three judges that are chosen outside of the school system.

Before the actual show, the choral program sets up a date in the coming year in order to assure that they have time to advertise the event. They advertise by designing a flyer and students set up an audition, hopefully making it into the finals.

Former president of the choral program, Yesenia Mandujano explained: “It is both exciting and stressful to plan because we cram so much work into a week but it’s also fun because we get to know what talents we have in our district.”

The prizes awarded to the winning contestants depend on their placing. First place wins $300, while second wins $200, and third $100.

Last year’s first place winner, Julianna Albert, who is a senior at Nogales, stated that “I had a smooth experience performing in the talent show. The showrunners and emcees were really nice. I have always been very shy and the experience boosted my self-confidence.”

This event allows people to be more comfortable with their gifts and offers them some recognition for their talents. It helps them gain more courage to express their passion, and considering the fact that it is a competition, it will motivate them to try their best to give it their all during their performance.