Popeye’s Chicken Conflict

Popeye’s Chicken Conflict

Jason Pesigan, Sophomore

Popeyes is a popular fast food chain where their main selling point is their Louisiana style fried chicken.

They have recently gained a lot of traction in the media due to their new fast food item, the chicken sandwich. Prior to this year, they had not sold chicken sandwiches, just fried chicken legs, breasts and thighs; similar to KFC.

The introduction of this new item at Popeyes caused the fast food chain to gain many new customers, hoping to try this new delicious chicken sandwich. As many people rushed to their nearest Popeyes, the lines grew longer and longer. Lines at Popeyes now can last up to hours to get a simple chicken sandwich, which was reported on social media.

On August 27th, Popeyes announced they halted the production of their chicken sandwich since they had sold out and there would be a wait to reorder this item.

On November 3rd, the chicken sandwich finally made its return to each Popeyes location but so did the long lines.

These long lines and wait times led to frustration and conflict. On November 4th, a man named Ricoh McClain, age 30, stabbed a 28 year old man named Kevin Tyrell Davis outside a Popeyes restaurant in Washington D.C.

In surveillance video it can be seen that Davis had cut in line multiple times in the course of 15 minutes, in order to get his sandwich faster. As Davis went outside McClain stabbed and fought him for cutting the line. 

Police Chief, Hank Stawinski explains that: “The individual placed himself at the scene and corroborated the account that we have on video.”

When the company heard about this tragedy they said: “This is very sad to hear about the tragedy. There is no reason for someone to lose their life on a Monday Night in a parking lot.”

Clearly this is a well sought after chicken sandwich, maybe the most popular in America.