Jaden Smith’s accomplishments

Jaden Smith’s accomplishments

Bianca Morgan, Senior

Jaden Smith has had many significant accomplishments in the last couple of years. Not only has he done things to benefit the environment, but he also helped people in need.

In 2014, Jaden introduced his idea of a water company by the name of JUST WATER. His goal was to make the bottle out of materials that are one hundred percent biodegradable. Unlike others, this bottle is made out of cardboard and the cap of sugarcane. JUST WATER is natural and comes from Glens Falls in New York.

With some help from his supportive parents, Jada and Will Smith, in 2015, he produced his first water bottles, which were sold at Whole Foods stores across the United States for $0.99.

With the water crisis that was occuring in Flint Michigan, Jaden decided he wanted to do something about it. For the past three years, the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church has been battling the water crisis. The church tried to help by handing out bottled water, but was not very effective because they would run out fairly quickly.

In response to Flint’s continuous water issue, Jaden created something called the Water Box in 2019. It can filter more than ten gallons of water every minute. He wants to provide more Water Boxes in the upcoming year, as he shared on his instagram, “We’re very interested in providing another box to Flint moving into 2020. We want to keep donating the Water Boxes until the community says ‘OK, we’ve had enough’.”

Another of Jaden’s philanthropic projects was helping out the homeless in Los Angeles by feeding them. On his twenty-first birthday, he opened up a vegan food truck in Downtown Los Angeles. He set up his black pop-up truck called I Love You Restaurant. The truck was located on Skid Row and fed an estimated eight-thousand people who live in the area.

He wrote on his instagram, “This truck is a movement that is all about people giving people what they deserve, healthy, vegan food for free.” He received positive feedback from several stars including Nick Cannon, YG, Bella Thorne, A$AP Ferg and Jordin Sparks. Kevin Hart also praised Jaden for the positive impact he is taking part in, “This is dope… I love what you are doing man.” In addition, Hart also mentioned him being extra proud because he is part of the African American community.

Jaden has done so much for his community, the environment and is expected to come out with new ideas for the ecosystem soon.