Nogales’ Drama Club Presents a Play Production of “A Simpler Time” : As reviewed from a cast member

Nogales’ Drama Club Presents a Play Production of “A Simpler Time” : As reviewed from a cast member

Stephanie Orellana, Freshman

Over the past couple of months, the Drama Club cast and crew have been working every week memorizing lines and building backdrops to be utilized at the play that was presented on November 20th and 22nd in the Multipurpose Room.

The play was about three teenagers, Marley, Chris and Taylor trying to escape their problems by traveling through different time periods in attempts to look for a simpler time to live in, as the title suggests “A Simpler Time”. 

The three teenagers explored Medieval times; they visited the Salem Witch Trials in 1693, witnessed the creation of the constitution, traveled to the 1940’s, saw pink collar jobs at work and finally traveled into the future. 

As opening night came near, a great anticipation grew within the drama community. As being a part of Drama myself, we were nervous that we would forget our lines along with this great fear of how the audience would react.

 Luckily, the reaction of the audience was the least of our worries during the performance. Opening night was an audience of adults with the exception of a few students, while the audience of closing night consisted of a mixture of adults and students.

When cast member, Sonia Gutierrez, a sophomore, was asked about her time in drama, she stated: “My experience was amazing, I loved it. What I gained from drama is that even when you mess up, you have to learn and keep going because the show goes on with or without you.”

Closing night was a major success, the Multi- Purpose Room was filled with students, teachers and parents. At the end of the show when the cast did the curtain call, Ms. Rizzo, the director of the Drama Club, was surprised by the cast and crew with a beautiful poster giving thanks for all her hard work, along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

 When asked about how she felt regarding the poster and flowers, Ms. Rizzo expressed: “The cast and crew did surprise me on the closing night. I am so grateful to them. Even though this semester has been stressful, everything was worth the trouble in the end.” 

This was Ms. Rizzo’s last year directing this club but she will be checking up on the club since it means so much to her and the students.