Nobles Hat Challenge

Nobles Hat Challenge

Alejandro Orona, Junior

Ms. Rodriguez is currently holding a “Design a Nogales Hat Contest” for any Nobles who have any future hat designs that could possibly be sold to students in the ASB Store. This contest was held on Thursday, December 12th.

The purpose of the Nogales hat challenge is to make sure the new dress code by administration is not broken. Ms. Rodriguez, who is the founder of this challenge says that “the hat challenge is to enforce dress code and for the safety of the students because sports teams are associated with certain groups especially in the area we live in.”

Micheal Martinez, a Junior did not like the idea saying “it’s stupid and we should just be able to wear whatever hat we want.” 

Senior Brandon Martinez likes the hat challenge, “The hats that the school has designed for students lack personality, the contest will let students be more comfortable with what they wear because they’ll be designed by people their age who knows what’s in.” 

The requirements of the hat challenge are to include the school colors of green and white. Also the design must be appropriate and must represent the school in a positive manner.