Sadie Hawkins Dance


Jessica Saralegui, Freshman

 It has been recently announced that there will be a Sadie Hawkins Dance at Nogales High School  on February 14 in the MPR.

Prices for the dance will most likely range from $25-$40. This year, Sadies will be in lieu of Spring Fling. 

Sadie Hawkins is a character from the comic strip, Li’l Abner, which was written by Al Capp. The American comic first launced in 1934 and came to an end in 1977.  

The dance was inspired by one of the characters In the comic, the main character, Sadie, was unmarried. To fix this, her dad chose a variety of different men for Sadie to meet and arranged for a day to be set where she chased them and whoever she caught would be her spouse.

Although Sadie is not directly asking a guy to marry her, the Sadie Hawkins Dance is inspired by Al Capp’s comic, which is why it is traditional for girls to ask a guy to the dance.

Freshman Leanne Manansala claims that she is excited for the dance to arrive. “I probably won’t be going to the dance but I am excited to see how the girls ask the guys.”

The first known Sadie Hawkins Dance took place around November, 1938. Afterwards, the dance was quickly popularized and became a tradition that has been carried on throughout the High Schools in America.