Op-Ed: Album of the Year

Op-Ed: Album of the Year

Mario Gallegos, Freshman

With the Grammys coming up on January 26, many are excited for the announcement of this year’s album of the year. The Year-End List Arrangement lists talented artists such as Lana Del Rey, Angel Olsen, Fka Twigs, and Weyes Blood.

Weyes Blood’s newest album Titanic Rising is currently the highest ranking in platforms, as it should be. Titanic Rising deserves the album of the year award. All 10 tracks of her album tell a story. Weyes Blood explains the tracks are about “making everyone feel like they deserve to be alive.”

From soft melodies to complex harmonies, Weyes has built up her sound and fame over the years since 2011.

Aside from the artist that deserves to win Album of the Year, there are two artists that don’t merit their nominations: Billie Eilish and Lizzo.

Lizzo is a mediocre artist. Her message of body positivity and self-love is important; however, I do not believe her music is Grammy worthy.

Famous Instagram influencer, @pukeirl explains her opinion on Lizzo: “I don’t like her… In an effort to cater to people who are insecure, which is a lot of people, she acts like confidence is her only personality trait…”

In regards to Billie, her music is boring and minimalistic. She is seen as a pop star, but really she is an indie artist portrayed as a pop singer by her record label. The result is people praising her for changing pop and being revolutionary.

Because of her album’s beautiful sound and creativity, Weyes Blood deserves to win Album of the Year.