Upcoming Events save the date

Upcoming Events save the date

Giselle Arcos, Freshman

February seems to be a busy month for Nogales students with numerous events happening on campus.

On February 3rd, Gladstone High School will be competing against the Boys’ Varsity Basketball at 6 P.M.

Gladstone High School will be playing the Boys’ Varsity Soccer team on February 3rd at 5:00 PM.

Nogales Girls’ Varsity Water Polo will be competing with Edgewood High School on February 4th at 3:15 PM. 

On February 5th at 4:30 PM, Workman High School will be up against the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team. 

Workman High School will be facing the Girls’ JV Basketball team on February 5th at 3:15 PM. 

 Playing against Workman High School at 5:00 PM, the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team has a game on February 5th. 

The Sadie Hawkins Dance is scheduled for February 7th inside the MPR, the theme of the night being 1970s. Tickets will be sold at the ASB store, prices may vary depending on the formality of the dance. 

A Fire Drill will be scheduled for Thursday, February 13th, which will take place on the field. 

 Boys’ Varsity Baseball will compete with our rivals, Rowland High School, on February 15th at 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM. 

The Girls’ Varsity Softball team will be playing several schools including Bassett (Feb. 20th), South El Monte (Feb. 24th), and Wilson Glen High School (Feb. 25th) at 3:15 PM. 

Competing with both Basset (Feb. 20th) and South El Monte High School(Feb. 24th), the Girls’ JV Softball team will play at 3:15 PM.  

The Boys’ JV Baseball team will be playing multiple schools including El Monte (Feb. 17th), South El Monte (Feb. 24th) and Gary High School (Feb. 26th) at 3:15 PM. 

Baldwin Park High School will be facing the Boys and Girls’ Track team on February 27th at 3:15 PM.