Nogales High School’s Dress Code

Nogales High School’s Dress Code

Nicolle Lopez, Junior

Nogales High School’s dress code has always been a controversial topic and students voicing their opinions does not seem to help the matter. It’s a never ending tug of war between students and teachers. Starting next semester, the administration will begin to enforce the dress code. 

The dress code will not be different than previous years. Mrs. Clifford, the Vice Principal, says, “The dress code will be the same thing that is in your agenda. We’re just reinitiating it, putting it back in effect.” 

In the past, few teachers have enforced the dress code. It is not often that a student is seen wearing a loaner shirt despite violating the dress code. 

Those who have heard rumors about this “new” dress code think as if it will target the girls even more than it already does. Vanessa Macapagal shares, “I feel like the dress code is mainly towards the girls. They are just going to get stricter on us.” 

Clifford confirms that this new enforcement would be targeting all students: “The dress code is for everybody. It’s what is appropriate and what’s sufficient.” 

The administration will announce this recitation by giving teachers a PowerPoint to present to students about this “new” dress code, ASB video announcements and morning announcements will be covering this topic as well. Plus, Nogales will be posting it on their website, peach jar, and social media accounts. 

The consequences for violating the dress code will remain the same. For the first offense, students will be asked to change into either a loaner shirt or shorts. The second offense, students will be asked to change, will receive a call home, and be given after school detention. By the third offense, students will change into loaners and a parent conference will be scheduled with the student being placed on a behavior contract. 

Nogales High School’s dress code purpose is to make the school learning environment more conducive, hopefully, this enforcement is able to do so in an equitable manner.