Super Nintendo Land


Byron Rios, Junior

Children, adults and teenagers will now be able to live their favorite childhood games through Universal Studios’ new upcoming, Super Nintendo Land. The new video game theme park will be located in Osaka, Japan and open during the time of the 2020 summer Tokyo Olympics. 

There have been a few teasers that have unveiled the virtual app and ̈ Power-up Bands ̈  such as a bracelet that connects to the Nintendo Land app, which connects to the theme park. The app will connect to the Power-Up Bands, and will allow you to explore the virtual side of Super Nintendo Land. Nintendo and Universal has promised that guests will be able to “blend the physical world with the world of the video game.”

Another teaser was a song released during the same press conference. The music video showcased what the theme park will offer guests via an exaggerated music video.

Many theorize that Nintendo’s and Universal’s decision for opening the new theme park during the Olympics is a result of the massive influx of tourists. 31 million tourists visit Japan annually but speculations estimate over 40 million will visit during the Olympics.

Universal stated during a press conference that guests will use “their whole bodies to interact with their parks and the virtual world” 

Many fans believe that there will be scavenger hunts that will revolve around items that are in current Nintendo games.

Whatever the case, many are highly anticipating this semi virtual video game infused theme park.