Meet the New Assistant Principal


Johnny Mendoza, Senior

This school year, Nogales High School was introduced to Mr. Marquez, the newest Assistant Principal on campus. 

He started off as a Special Ed teacher, but was later offered the position of being a counselor for Garfield High School in Los Angeles. Later, he became a baseball coach for the school as well as an Assistant Principal. After that he was a Coordinator for the Los Angeles Unified School District. 

Though he has only been here for a short while, Mr. Marquez proclaims that the school has accepted him with open arms: “The students are amazing, they’ve welcomed me in different ways, good ways.” 

When asked what his goals were for the school, he expressed his passion to improve it in many different aspects, especially getting students to college. 

When he started working at Garfield, the school had a 65% graduation rate, but thanks to his and others’ efforts, by the time he left it went up to 95%. 

He also wishes to work towards raising our test scores. Though standardized tests are seen as unfair to many, at the end of the day, it is how our school system is structured. 

He encourages students to ask him for changes or additions to the school that they want, such as college courses they may be interested in taking after school hours such as the Life Management class taught here through Mt. Sac which students take for college credit.

Mr. Marquez is looking to be a promising addition to the school.