Girls Varsity Water Polo Team Suffers Defeat Against Sierra Vista High School


Richia Ramos, Junior

Late last month, the Nogales girls’ Water Polo team played against the Sierra Vista Dons. 

On January 30, 2020, during their second to last game of the season, our Lady Nobles Varsity Water Polo team played their hearts out in one of the last games of the season

The girls’ Water Polo team had very high hopes at the start of the match. They started strong with a score of 4-2. They were confident they would defeat Sierra Vista. Alissa Divers, a junior player, stated “We were sure we were going to win. We played very well and thought we could get this one.”

As the match progressed, the Lady Dons began to catch up creating an intense match with three consecutive goals bringing the score up to 4-5 in their favor. However, this did not stop the Lady Nobles and they strongly fought back. 

Nogales and Sierra Vista continued to score back to back until they reached a score of 10-10 by the start of the last quarter. The girls’ team was extremely disheartened and disappointed by their offense and defense. Due to the extreme match, frustrated shot calls would be made from the Nogales side. 

Unfortunately, towards the final minutes of the fourth quarter, the Sierra Vista Dons were able to make one last shot, which would break the hearts of the Lady Nobles. The score would end at 10-11 with the Dons winning. Doris Fong, a junior player, expressed, “We should have blocked that last goal. This game was exhausting and I wished we were able to make another shot or have been able to continue the game”.

While Lady Nobles suffered a very tough loss, they are still hopeful for future games. Marco Garcia, the team’s coach, expressed optimistically, “Although it was a close match, the girls played their best and next season we will work harder to make sure we can get more wins.”