AP Club


Ebony Valadez, Freshman

Our AP Club has announced an Applebee’s fundraiser, a pancake breakfast towards the end of March.

The event will be  held at Applebee’s near the Puents hills mall, from 8-10 AM on March 2nd. Tickets may be purchased from any participating AP club members for $10 or from Zelnick in M207 at lunch or nutrition.

The reason for the fundraisers is to make money for future applicants. Anthony Majin, the president of the club stated, “ We want to make sure students have resources so students can excel in their AP courses.We also plan to distribute this money for micro scholarships to help students pay for AP exams in the following years.”

The AP tests are difficult and practice is still needed. The club will have AP Cafe’s after school in the MPR at 3pm with students guiding various tables on 4/15, 4/22, 4/29. The AP Lit and Lang practice test will be held April 25.

The Vice president Evelyn Dueńs explained the purpose for AP Cafe, “I hope that AP students at Nogales will receive and  help in order to make sure that they are given credit for their effort.” 

AP test schedule as followed: AP Calc on May 5th, AP Lit is on May 6th, APUSH on May 8th and AP Spanish Lang is May 12th, AP Lang on  May 13th and the AP Stats on May 15th.

The AP breakfast fundraiser is on 3/21 at Applebees, 1590 Azusa Ave, City of Industry, Ca 91748