Op-Ed: Early Release Policies for next year’s seniors


Bianca Morgan, Senior

Early release is an option for students here at Nogales High School, which allows students to leave campus after fifth period. However, with the new administration, the policies are changing.

Leaving early is beneficial for students, especially for those who have jobs. It can also give them more time to do homework.

Although not having a sixth period is appreciated, some students have complained about not being able to leave after fourth period. There are many students, predominantly seniors, that are ahead on their credits and are given useless classes to fill their schedule.

When students have asked to be released after fourth, their counselors say that they are “not allowed” to let them out that early. In previous years, that was an option for us.

The seniors are often annoyed when administration enforces rules that they deem unjust. Senior Christy Alhaber said: “I think it’s unfair that I have completed my credits but I still have to stay at school for unnecessary classes.” If seniors are ahead in regards to credits, it seems odd that they have to stay longer, when they can be at work or at home.

The  early-release form explains: “Students who leave may NOT return to campus unless to attend a school activity.” There are students that have to wait for their parents or a bus, and they have nowhere else to stay. Since they have to wait for a long time, they feel safer at school than out on the sidewalk or at the bus stop. If they are not causing any disruption, students should be allowed to stay in the library or in an area that does not disrupt anyone.