Nogales varsity’s boy soccer against Duarte ends in a win


Jasmin Perez , Freshman

On January 24, 2020 Nogales Boys Soccer Varsity team had a thrilling and nerve wracking home game against Duarte High School. 

As soon as the game started, they had good passing and controlling. 

The first half of the game was intense for the boys despite their confident plays. The boys had good potential passing the ball to their teammates. 

They experienced a lot of pressure when getting control of the ball. At the end of the first half, the score was tied  0-0. 

Varsity player Francisco Pina said the game turned out to be more difficult than expected. “Friday’s game was very crazy, it should’ve been an easy and light game but we complicated the whole game.¨

Nogales was able to make two goals during the second half of the game. Carlos Mendoza explains, “This game was really intense, but we managed to come out with a point, and it was a great team effort.”

During the second half, Duarte High School also scored a goal, making the score 2-1

Before the game ended, Nogales made a final goal, winning 3-1.