Nogales Elective Fair


Keith Stahl, Senior

On Friday, February 21, Nogales held its annual elective fair to inform students of the different electives available to them before registration for the next year. 

The fair had a large range of electives from Art and Criminal Justice to French and ASB. Criminal Justice, taught by Mr. Donahue, was the most popular out of all the stands because of its interactive experience as students were given a cognitive test provided by officers. Many students surrounded the stand hoping to participate in the activity. 

The elective fair is important for many reasons: it helps Sophomores, Juniors, and even Seniors to explore different passions while also fulfilling their A-G requirements. Emily Ruiz was part of the elective fair and thinks it is an essential event for all High School students. “The elective fair is a great event that allows students to experience and gain an understanding of what electives will benefit them the most.” 

 As this year’s elective fair showed a high turnout, administration seems certain to continue these events to provide more information to students for years to come.