New Skatepark in La Puente

New Skatepark in La Puente

Johnny Mendoza, Senior

On February 10, San Gabriel Valley’s newest skate park was revealed to the public located in La Puente City Park. 

The design of the skate park was created by the company Spohn Ranch, who stated “We are honored to bring our vision to life and give back to the neighborhood we’ve called home for nearly 3 decades.” 

The park was made to mimic your typical urban plaza, with stair-like elevations and “handrails.” It also features a handful of transitional elements meant to prevent dead ends to allow the continuous flow of skating. 

Along with the skate park, there will be a lighting system, water fountain, a spectator seating area, access paths and a pair of basketball courts. 

According to the designers of the skatepark, this project was made possible “thanks to funding secured by California State Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon.” 

They are aiming to have a grand opening sometime this summer. This seems to be a very promising project and the community can’t wait for the grand opening.