Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Review


Byron Rios, Junior

Dragon Ball is a Japanese anime that has spanned from 1985 to 2018. In a quick summary Dragon Ball is a show about a boy’s journey to become the strongest in the universe. The show is comprised of multiple series each representing a moment in the boy’s (Goku/Kakarot) life.

Dragon Ball has become influential in pop culture. It has recently expanded to another new video game. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is an action-RPG (Role Playing Game) that centers around the Dragon Ball Z series. 

The Dragon Ball Z show is comprised of 291 episodes and each episode is 24 minutes. There are other shows such as Dragon Ball Z Kai which is a summarized version of Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s strong point is its ability to create nostalgia for long time fans. The game’s mechanics and action might become stale very quickly for someone who does not understand or watch Dragon Ball. For those who do watch Dragon Ball, it can be an amazing game that will certainly bring back childhood memories.

The video game’s animation is flawless and looks exactly like the show. Although the art in the game is beautiful, there are moments that show a lack of polish. For example in some cutscenes there are moments where there are no sound effects.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will not bring in an original story. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot simply retells the story of Dragon Ball Z again. The majority of the game is not played as Goku but as his son Gohan instead.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is an amazing game if you’re a Dragon Ball fan. The major flaw is a slightly stale story with repetitive action and mechanics. IGN, a famous game reviewer states: “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is by no means perfect, but it’s a solid RPG that very efficiently covers the entire Dragon Ball Z saga.” 

Although it’s a beautiful looking game with a creative soundtrack, it still has a few bugs and glitches. Overall, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot does its job of creating a sense of nostalgia for those who know the storyline.