Super Bowl Halftime Show: Op-Ed


Bianca Morgan, Senior

This year’s halftime show included performers from Hispanic backgrounds. Shakira (43) and Jennifer Lopez, aka J. Lo (50) put on a sensational performance that had everyone singing and dancing along.

The Hispanic/Latino community was extremely proud that these empowering and iconic women were part of an event as important and popular as the Super Bowl. Besides the excitement, there were of course others that had a rather negative response to their act.

Middle-aged white women gathered on Facebook after the show and shared comments like “uncomfortable”, “disgusting”, “trashy”, and “slutty”, which created a great amount of controversy online. These were people, predominantly white, that were complaining about their outfits and their performance calling it “porn”.

The dancing that was being done by these women were traditional Latin American dances (champeta and mapalé), but some caucasians were triggered because of the lack of knowledge regarding Latin cultures.

Even their costumes were criticized, but there were past performers that wore more provocative outfits, for example Lady Gaga and Adam Levine. Adam from Maroon 5 was shirtless and heavily tattooed, but he was not judged nor did he receive backlash for his lack of dress. 

The comments did not stop after Sunday night. These women, many of whom are white, cried in “fear” acting like the show forced a loss of innocence to their vulnerable children. There is far more horrific content that children are exposed to on YouTube, video games and TV. These women are complaining about a twenty minute halftime show that displayed song, dance and culture.

People should be more accepting and educated on others’ cultures in order to prevent unnecessary commotion.