Nogales Sports Teams Presented at Rally


Ebony Valadez , Freshman

Nogales ASB is planning the next sports rally on April 17th, in the gym. The theme will be, “Under the Sea.” The theme pays homage to the first dance from the movie, Back To The Future.

Students from ASB have been getting ready for the upcoming events. The Co-ASB Director, Ms. Rodriguez shared that, “Our ASB class has been working hard for a while to prepare for this rally while they are also working on clash of the classes. They would really love to see the whole school participate in the spirit week for the rally.”

At the rally, they will recognize all the Winter and Spring sports as well as highlight the teams who made it to CIF. 

This is the last sports rally for the seniors. On May 22, the final renaissance rally will take place, affectionately nicknamed the Senior Rally, since the twelfth graders are experiencing a high school rally for the final time.