Dr. Seuss Night

Dr. Seuss Night

Keith Stahl, Senior

March 5th was the Annual Dr. Seuss Night, planned by the IB students. This event is based on the famed children’s book author, Dr. Seuss, whose birthday was March 2nd. This event was organized by both the Seniors and Juniors in the IB diploma program and has been an annual tradition for many years. Many children from the Rowland District participated in this event with the promise of a free book along with games.

This year the following activities were included, a photo booth, cup ball toss, pin the hat on the cat, bean bag toss, toy fishing game, word search table, coloring, playdough and reading. The kids were given a stamp sheet to fill out for each activity they completed. When the school aged children participated in multiple games, they took their stamped sheet and exchanged it for a book.

Mr. Woodside, the IB coordinator, shared that the IB juniors and seniors were the backbone of this event. “The IB questers cabinet is responsible for this event. We have been doing this for over ten years and they do a lot of hard work, I just provide the support for whatever they need.” The IB students were also responsible for choosing their Cat in the Hat, which was two people this year, Kevin Gonzalez and Mr. Amezcua who reprised the role the from last year.

The free books that were given to children at the event were all donated by Nogales students and by clubs such as National Honor Society. Every year, Dr. Seuss Night has a significant amount of books for kids to choose. From the games to the reading circle, the IB class hopes to promote the importance of reading to the young children. 

This year’s Dr. Seuss Night had many students and parents attenders, just like every year. Tatiana Orellana IB Quester’s President, said “The turnout was wonderful. Kids all over the district were reading and coloring just like we had hoped for.” The IB volunteers also had a great time engaging with the kids as some called it a “relaxing” experience. 

This tradition is an important part of IB’s program. They hope students over the years will be motivated to be engaged in community service as they have.