Black Lives Matter Movement

Black Lives Matter Movement

Brianna Johns, Freshman

George Floyd was a victim of a racist hate crime that happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota this May. He was arrested for being suspected of using a counterfeit bill.

Officer Derek Chauvin was kneeling on Floyd´s neck while George Floyd repeatedly exclaimed, ¨I can’t breathe.¨  His pleas were ignored.  Floyd was taken to the hospital for breathing complications and died. The four officers involved with his arrest were charged with aiding and abetting second degree murder after using unnecessary violence that led to Floyd’s untimely death and a moment that would change history.

After this unfortunate event, people began to rekindle their involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM). The Black Lives Matter movement was revived for the purpose of peacefully protesting against police brutality and all racist hate crimes. 

In the following weeks after this incident, people began chanting the phrase, “I can’t breathe” throughout protests. This phrase went on to become the most recognized slogan of this movement. Fellow student of Nogales Misael V., explained his perspective on the matter:  “I feel like the BLM movement is something that shouldn’t have been happening, if law enforcement is truly protecting everyone’s rights and not discriminating.”

Many are glad that these hate crimes are brought to the public’s attention.  Misael stated, “Honestly, I’m glad people are finally bringing it up and noticing how all this time the system put in place has never been protecting anyone’s rights, and that racism still exists among authority figures. This isn’t right.”

 Most of the protests have been peaceful and they have spread more awareness of this issue. People all over the world are becoming invested in the BLM movement, and people shouldn’t have to put up with police brutality and racism.