Travis Scott Releases New Hit Meal at McDonalds


Ashley Castro, Freshman

In early September 2020, Mcdonald’s released their limited time Travis Scott meal, which became an overnight sensation because it was created by the famed American rapper.

The Travis Scott meal was released on September 8, 2020 and will only be available for a limited time until October 4, 2020. This comes with the burger itself, medium fries, one barbeque sauce and a medium Sprite, all for $6.

This burger is not just any regular cheeseburger; this is a quarter pounder including onions, pickles, two slices of cheese, ketchup, mustard, shredded lettuce and bacon. Nogales Junior, Jennisie Castaneda states, “I would totally recommend this meal. It’s a good price for what you’re getting and I enjoyed the flavors inside the burger.”

Not only are fans buying this meal, they also are beginning to make videos of them ordering with popular lines like, “Cactus Jack sent me,” and, “You know why I’m here.” These videos are streaming all over Youtube and Tik Tok. 

Mcdonald’s sales have been increasing thanks to Travis Scott and this new meal. 

Despite the massive success for Mcdonald’s, there has been a downside to this meal. Since the Travis Scott Meal has been released, fans have been going to extreme measures to get the item before it is gone, and some Mcdonald’s locations have been dealing with quarter pounder shortages.

Not everyone is a fan. There are people that dislike it and think it is not as wonderful as many are stating. Freshman, Raylene Ramirez believes that the overall meal was okay but it could have been better: “My burger was made so messy, I couldn’t get the full experience and it had too many onions which was disgusting.” 

Overall, The Travis Scott Meal has been the new trending deal numerous amounts of people want to experience.