Fires all over Southern California with one starting from a gender reveal party


Samantha Blandon, Senior

A Californian couple expecting their baby organized a gender reveal party on Saturday, September 5th near El Dorado Ranch. To follow the tradition of the party, the couple set off a smoke bomb to reveal the gender of the baby. Soon after, the meadow of El Dorado Ranch Park was ignited. The smoke bombs erupted fires burning over 15,000 acres. As of September 20, only 59% was contained. 

Just a day after, another fire was ignited near Cogswell Dam in the San Gabriel Mountains. This blaze, known as the Bobcat fire, has burned almost 30,000 acres. 

Many homes have been damaged by the fires and thousands of residents have been told to evacuate their homes. Dust, debris and ash have also been produced by the Bobcat and El Dorado fires, concerning many residents of Southern California with the poor air quality. Several city officials have since issued a daily smoke advisory. 

People were in shock to see how the fires changed the view of sky and the sun, as a gloomy sky joined with bright red and yellow-orangish colors loomed over the Los Angeles area for several days. 

The various infernos have concerned many residents, including Nogales High School student Arianna Monreal, who expressed: “The California wildfires have affected many in different ways, such as losing their homes and the bad air quality which makes it hard for some to breathe. Those especially at risk are the firefighters who are taking action in preventing the spread.”

University of Colorado scientist Jennifer Balch stated, “California has a really flammable ecosystem. People are living in flammable places, providing ignition, starting the wildfires against a backdrop of a warming climate that is making wildfires worse.” 

Although the fires continue to ravage forests and wildlife, the air quality has improved and the sky is beginning to clear up.