Spooky drive-thru for a safe haunted Halloween


Alexandra German, Freshman

Halloween is coming up, which brings on the spooky season. This Halloween, there will be many live drive-thrus in different cities.

In San Gabriel Valley, there will be a spooky live drive-thru experience at Bonelli Park. The event is called “Los Angeles Haunted Hayride,” and will take place from September 25 to November 1. This drive-thru will also feature some scary films that will be playing on a screen for those attending, meanwhile characters will come and surround the theater to create an interactive experience.

People are excitedly waiting for this event in LA and tickets are selling quickly. Those who choose to attend will be asked to remain in their cars for their safety and the safety of others. Freshman, Evelyn Zambrano, expressed, “I’m going to the haunted hayride on Halloween night with my family and renting a van. I’m looking forward to having a fun night.” 

 In Orange County, there will also be a scary drive-thru, beginning on October 1st until November 1st called the “Urban Legends Haunt.” It will be a safe experience and everyone, including the scary characters, will be wearing masks at all times. Nogales’ Judith Garcia shared, “My sister is taking me to the Orange County drive thru and it’s just going to be us. We’re really excited.”

This experience will have special effects and haunting sounds to really bring the event to life and will last about 45 minutes.

As usual, for everyone’s safety, the monsters will not touch vehicles or people; for example, they will only be looking and surrounding the cars. During these drive-thrus, you are allowed to have windows down.

“The Urban Legends” drive-thru ticket price will vary depending on what day you go. The cheapest ticket is $59.99 per vehicle on Wednesdays and the most expensive tickets will be sold on Saturdays for $89.99. There is no age restriction, but they do recommend that kids who attend are at least 10 years old or older. 

Even though there is no trick or treating this Halooween, there are still ways to experience some fun. These drive-thrus are the perfect opportunity to dress up, hang out with your friends or do something different with your family.